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Bed Bugs Dead Bugs – Heat Remediation

Excellent heat remediation results are achieved as each room is heated to over 45C to ensure the adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs reach Thermal Death Temperature. You will need to move your furniture away from the wall and remove plants, candles and medications from the room. You can stay at home during the process. No harmful sprays or inconvenience.

Cost: $150+
Effectiveness: Very effective and very affordable

    • Must be done on a room by room basis
    • Not effective for open concept homes
    • Moderate Preparation required

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Propane and Ethylene Glycol Based Heat Remediation

This method of heat remediation provides excellent results as your entire house is heated to reach Thermal Death Temperature to ensure bed bugs are incinerated. You will have to remove any items from the home that may melt, plants and pets. You also need to leave during the entire process.

Cost: $2,000++
Effectiveness: Very

  • Expensive
  • You must vacate the premises
  • Moderate Preparation required
  • Risk of explosion
  • Cannot be used in apartments over 10 stories high

Pesticides – Pest Control Company

Research shows that almost 70% of all bed bug infestations treated with pesticides require 3 or more treatments. With each treatment being a minimum of $300, this can add up and there is no guarantee the pesticides will cover all the areas where the eggs are laid in wallpaper and cracks in the wall. Extensive preparation is required and you will need to treat all you clothes and bed linens in the dryer.

Cost: $900+++
Effectiveness: Moderate to Good when combined with other treatments

  • Pests are becoming resistant to chemical treatments
  • You must vacate the premises
  • Effective only on bugs that come into contact with pesticides
  • Significant preparation is required
  • Sticky residue remains
  • Clothes and bedding must be treated separately with steam
  • Cannot penetrate baseboards and walls

Steam Cleaners

This works very well for mattresses and furniture because the steam is definitely higher than the Thermal Death Temperature. The bed bug population will be diminished BUT any eggs laid in the bed frame, baseboards, cracks in the wall or hiding in clothing will not be destroyed. Within two weeks, they will hatch and the population will increase back to what it was before.

Cost: Portable Steam Clean $60; Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner $150
Effectiveness: Marginal

DIY Spray and Powder

Store bought sprays and powers, such as diatomaceous earth, do not contain any proven pesticides. They are only effective if the bed bug comes into contact with the powder. These sprays and powers can irritate your skin and eyes, or get into your food. Diatomaceous earth also leaves a powdery residue whenever you sprinkle it.

Cost: $50+ depending on the size of your home.
Effectiveness: Marginal


Placing bed bug traps around the legs of your bed will allow you to catch some of the bugs that try to crawl up from the floor, but not the ones that are already living inside your box spring, mattress and bed frame. Bed bug traps have no impact on eggs.

Cost: $15+ per set of four
Effectiveness: Marginal


This is very effective on small items, like a library book. When it comes to freezing your whole home, it is impractical as you would have to leave home for several days to allow the temperature to be at or below zero. This can only be done in the winter in northern climes. Preparation is needed to shut off water and drain pipes and toilets. Cracked pipes and fixtures can be very expensive.

Cost: Free
Effectiveness: Very on small items

  • Risk of flooding due to burst pipes

Tumble Dryer

This method is only good for clothing and cannot treat any other area. You will need to put your clothes on High for at 30 minutes.

Cost: $10+
Effectiveness: Very effective on clothes only.

Hair Dryer

Although a hair dryer emits air hot enough to kill an adult of nymph (if you can find them), it is impossible to find and heat the eggs for a sufficient period of time to eradicate bed bugs using this method.

Cost: Free
Effectiveness: Minimal


You can use a very strong vacuum to go around and target their nests and hiding places, sucking them all up. This rarely kills everything, especially the eggs which have a sticky substance to help them stay attached to the nest. Also, it is just about impossible to hit every inch of your home with a vacuum cleaner.  It is an excellent part of a complete bed bug eradication strategy.

Cost: Free
Effectiveness: Minimal

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Why Heat Remediation ?
  • Heat kills all stages of bed bug's life from egg to adult within hours in a single treatment.
  • Heat penetrates where pesticides cannot. Behind baseboards, wall paper, window and door frames, inside mattresses, clothing, furniture and walls.
  • Stay home during treatment.
  • Safe for your whole family
  • Saves you money because you don't have to throw out furniture or personal belongs.
  • No chemical exposure.
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Did it myself and Saved Thousands

Other companies wanted $over $2,000 to heat my home. Adrienne showed me how to use the equipment. I set it up myself and saved a ton of money. This is a valuable service. Thanks to Adrienne, my Bed Bugs are now Dead Bugs!
Erica in Scarborough

I watched them die in 10 seconds!

I was skeptical about this new heat treatment but the research showed that it would work. After months of using powders, I was thrilled to watch as the bed bugs died in 10 seconds, right before my eyes.
Terri in Durham

Thank You Bed Bugs? Dead Bugs!

Twice, a pest control company sprayed and we kept getting bitten. After one heat treatment, we found lots of dead bed bugs. They even fell out of the curtains. The heat treatment really works. Best of all, I didn't have to leave during treatment.
Metha in Brampton