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What is an Electrical Circuit

Imagine an electrical circuit is a ring of people holding hands and moving in a circle.  Each person is an outlet feeding electricity through wires in the wall, but there is only so much electricity to go around.  Watch our video for more information Electrical Circuit Video

Everything is fine as long as everyone is not in the kitchen together trying to make toast and coffee, microwave, make a smoothie and do some ironing.  There just isn’t enough electricity to go around.

What happens is your circuit breaker calls a halt to all this activity and clicks the breaker off to shut off all the activity.  It does this to prevent the wires from overheating and causing a fire.

It’s okay though if each person is in a different area of the house where one person is ironing, another making coffee and the third person microwaving because they are on different circuits and not overloading the wiring.

Because you can’t see behind your walls to know how the wires are connected, you will have to look at your electrical panel and hope that it is labelled to give you an idea as to where to plug in to get the best power to run the Bed Bug Heaters. Each breaker or glass fuse represents a circuit.

The most basic 60 amp electrical panel will have the following circuits:



Living Room


Larger 100 amp panels will include:


Air Conditioner



Many more


Bed Bugs Dead Bugs asks you about your electrical panel to make the best recommendation for your particular wiring situation based on our experience.  If you are in an old apartment with glass fuses, your wiring is quite different than a new subdivision house with 100 amp or 200 amp service.


Our goal is to get you the hottest temperatures possible based on the size of your room and the power available through your electrical panel.

Electrical Circuits Diagram



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Why Heat Remediation ?
  • Heat kills all stages of bed bug's life from egg to adult within hours in a single treatment.
  • Heat penetrates where pesticides cannot. Behind baseboards, wall paper, window and door frames, inside mattresses, clothing, furniture and walls.
  • Stay home during treatment.
  • Safe for your whole family
  • Saves you money because you don't have to throw out furniture or personal belongs.
  • No chemical exposure.
Our Equipment

Did it myself and Saved Thousands

Other companies wanted $over $2,000 to heat my home. Adrienne showed me how to use the equipment. I set it up myself and saved a ton of money. This is a valuable service. Thanks to Adrienne, my Bed Bugs are now Dead Bugs!
Erica in Scarborough

I watched them die in 10 seconds!

I was skeptical about this new heat treatment but the research showed that it would work. After months of using powders, I was thrilled to watch as the bed bugs died in 10 seconds, right before my eyes.
Terri in Durham

Thank You Bed Bugs? Dead Bugs!

Twice, a pest control company sprayed and we kept getting bitten. After one heat treatment, we found lots of dead bed bugs. They even fell out of the curtains. The heat treatment really works. Best of all, I didn't have to leave during treatment.
Metha in Brampton