Red Bugs Dead Bugs

Here’s what customers are saying:

Momo – Scarborough: our tenant brought bed bugs into our home and ever since we couldn’t sleep for a single night in peace. We were so worried that we have to spend thousands on this and still it might not even work. We have heard some real horror stories about bedbugs. But We are incredibly lucky to find Adrienne and her company Bed Bugs Dead Bugs and their heater rental system. It’s not very expensive but it works like one. There is no chemical involved which is totally safe for the family members and the preparation is not difficult at all. In a matter of hours we saw the bugs getting toasted along with our nightmare. A million thanks to her and I will tell all my friends and family whoever has this problem to use this heating system to get rid of bed bugs for good.

Karrie – Oshawa: I kept wondering, “What’s the catch?  Why is everyone else charging me thousands of dollars and Bed Bugs Dead Bugs only wanted $220 for the heater rental?”  I spoke with Adrienne and she assured me that there was no catch.  She wanted customers to have an affordable and effective method of killing bed bugs. I decided to have them deliver and set it up and I was glad I did.  Adrienne was running from the third floor to the basement several times to reset breakers and the the power to the system.  Once it was set up, it was easy to move it to the next bedroom.  I am thinking of renting the equipment again after my next holiday, just to give me peace of mind.  Now that I know how to set it up, I am going to do it myself. Thank you Adrienne.

Shirley – Toronto: I had bought a mattress cover at Walmart and it ripped within a few months.  Adrienne explained why her covers would last a lifetime.  I bought one to test it and then came back and bought 4 more.  You can see the quality in the stretchy waterproof material.

Davis – Brampton: The bed bugs were turned into little flecks of dust that blew away as the heat incinerated them. Our rooms reach 60C.  This equipment is awesome.  We bought mattress covers and now the horrors of the bed bugs are gone.

Martha – Scarborough: Once we figured out how to plug in all the cords, it was easy.  Adrienne helped us over the phone, even on a Saturday night.  We didn’t see any dead bugs but we also didn’t get bitten last night for the first time in months.

Alam – Scarborough:  They’re really helpful and Adrienne was awesomeWe tested the new furniture heating bag to kill bed bugs in our sofa. It works great.

Mohamud – Pickering:  I thought I was going to have to throw out my sofa that I hadn’t even finished paying for from Leons, but then I used the new Bed Bug Blaster Bag.  When I took the sofa out after heating it for a few hours, I found a lot of dead bugs.  I saved my sofa and my money.  Thanks Adrienne.

Oleg – Newmarket: This works great. I rented for two days and heated every room in my house and the basement.  It was easy to set up and the temperature went to 60C.  My wife is so happy.

Bryan – Scarborough:  Please try this solution. Way more effective than spraying and you deserve immediate relief. Thanks Adrienne for the help.

Nickza – North York:  Bed Bugs Dead Bugs is the place to contact when you’ve discovered those little darn things in your home. We tried four different pest control treatments prior to finding this company, but we wish we had discovered them first. Adrienne was absolutely incredible. She was there with us every step of the way when we required assistance. The tools were very easy to use with the help of Adrienne and the instruction booklet. Thank you so much!

Lidia – The Junction:  To say Adrienne and her company are a godsend would be a massive understatement. My parents, much to their chagrin, had bed bugs and the first thing I did was Google a fix and within minutes I found Bed Bugs Dead Bugs. I immediately emailed and texted Adrienne and she got back to me in mere minutes and arranged to see me within the next business day! She took time out of her late night at a concert to get back to me, answer my ignorant questions and calm my anxiety (via several incessant texts on my end). Bed bugs are a serious issue and are running rampant in our growing urban climate and it is so comforting to know that companies like Adrienne’s are out there. They spent so much time setting up, ensuring our machines were cooperating and our power sources were adequate.  My father and I were so grateful for this service and I cannot give Adrienne enough praise, gratitude and recommendation! The bed bugs were ding dong dead by the end of our heat treatment and swept up and all with no fumes, chemicals or bad side effects, just a heck of a lot of heat! Thank you, Adrienne; keep up the great work!

James – Toronto:  My basement apartment tenants called me in a panic, they had bed bugs. They had found a crawling insect and identified it on the Internet as a bed bug.

I assured them I would call an exterminator the following morning and have the apartment sprayed. No you can’t was the tenants adement response. It turned out they were afraid of poisonous chemical exposure and wanted heat instead.

I didn’t know bedbugs could be killed with heat so I had some research to do. There are a few exterminators in the Hamilton area that heat heat up your whole house using propane heaters but It is very expensive, yikes.

Later in the evening I happend upon an ad on Kijiji for “Bed Bugs Dead Bugs” who rent and set up bed bug eradication equipment. Heat treatment at a reasonable price. I hired them on the spot directly from their website.

Adrienne, a chatty bubbly lady called the next morning and we set up a time to meet at the basement apartment. She arrived in an unmarked van and quickly unloaded the specialized heaters, fans and cords that are designed to run from a stove or dryer electrical outlet.

The setup was fast and we were able to monitor the rising bedroom temperature from the kitchen. Adrienne said when the heat gets to the kill temperature in about 1 hour, let the heaters run for 4 more hours and this room is done. Off she went saying she’ll be back tomorrow to pick up the equipment.

We finished the bedroom and moved the bedbug heaters and fans all to the next bedroom.

Adrienne arrived as promised the next day and we inspected the rooms. Numerous dead carcasses were found but not a live one anywhere. I was surprised when bed bugs fell out of the curtains.

It’s been 5 months since Bed Bugs Dead Bugs did the apartment in Hamilton, the tenant say it’s still all clear and are very happy. Thanks Bed Bugs Dead Bugs! Thanks Adrienne!


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Why Heat Remediation ?
  • Heat kills all stages of bed bug's life from egg to adult within hours in a single treatment.
  • Heat penetrates where pesticides cannot. Behind baseboards, wall paper, window and door frames, inside mattresses, clothing, furniture and walls.
  • Stay home during treatment.
  • Safe for your whole family
  • Saves you money because you don't have to throw out furniture or personal belongs.
  • No chemical exposure.
Our Equipment

Did it myself and Saved Thousands

Other companies wanted $over $2,000 to heat my home. Adrienne showed me how to use the equipment. I set it up myself and saved a ton of money. This is a valuable service. Thanks to Adrienne, my Bed Bugs are now Dead Bugs!
Erica in Scarborough

I watched them die in 10 seconds!

I was skeptical about this new heat treatment but the research showed that it would work. After months of using powders, I was thrilled to watch as the bed bugs died in 10 seconds, right before my eyes.
Terri in Durham

Thank You Bed Bugs? Dead Bugs!

Twice, a pest control company sprayed and we kept getting bitten. After one heat treatment, we found lots of dead bed bugs. They even fell out of the curtains. The heat treatment really works. Best of all, I didn't have to leave during treatment.
Metha in Brampton